From the Garden State Parkway:

Take the Parkway to Exit 100 (Ocean Grove) and follow the signs for Route 33 East (Corlies Ave).
Follow Route 33 East to the end, approximately 5 miles. The last 1/2 mile changes to two lanes. Proceed over the railroad tracks to the intersection of Route 33 and Main Street. The traffic light marks a “T” in the road, where your options are right or left turn only. The “Ocean Grove” sign landmark will be directly in front of you at the light. Make a left onto Main Street.

Follow Main Street for a couple blocks to the traffic light at the intersection of Main Street and Cookman Avenue. Make a right.

COOKMAN AVENUE is Asbury Park’s main shopping district and is lined with bars, restaurants, antique stores, mid-century modern furniture stores and clothing retailers. Proceed down Cookman 6 blocks to Ocean Avenue, which runs alongside the boardwalk and beach. The well-known dance club Paradise is on your right in the building topped by the sign that reads “EMPRESS”.

Turn left on Ocean Avenue and pass Asbury Avenue, then First Avenue, Second, Third, Fourth and Fifth Avenues. Park your car anywhere.


Please visit Nj for train schedules and department times.

Getting to Asbury Park is easy by train. It’ll take just under two hours door-to-door by train. Trains from Penn Station to Asbury Park leave constantly all day and return just as frequently.

NJ TRANSIT is offering a Beach Package that includes your off peak round-trip train ride and one daily beach pass for Asbury Park for $22.00. That’s a savings of $3.50 (and it’s more convenient than buying a $5.00 beach pass on the boardwalk.)

Packages can be purchased from ticket agents and Ticket Vending Machines at the station. When purchasing your package from a Ticket Vending Machine, select the language, choose Special Promotions and then select Beach Package.


There are usually taxis waiting at the train station to drive you to your destination in town. The fare will be somewhere between $4 and $6 and you may be sharing a cab with another customer. That’s how it’s done here!

If you can’t find a taxi call TOPS TAXI at 732.776.7711 or SURF TAXI at 732.774.5500 and they’ll come pick you up.


On the OTHER side of the two railroad tracks is Asbury Park’s shopping district. If you’d like to check out the downtown shops simply cross the tracks, pass by the Train Station and cross Main Street. To your right will be COOKMAN AVENUE which is lined with bars, restaurants, antique stores, mid-century modern furniture stores and clothing retailers.

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